Sunday, July 6, 2014

Movie Review: Bobby Jasoos..some thrills but an ordinary case

It doesn’t have the spine chilling suspense and thrill of Kahaani. Nor towards the opposite end of the spectrum is it a typical case of a bumbling detective like the inimitable Pink Panther. No, Bobby Jasoos is a unique variety of its own – much like the local Hyderabadi brand it so faithfully adopts. But does it work?..Well..yes and no.

In parts, Bobby Jasoos gives you some clues of what could have been – genuinely hilarious moments, top notch disguises and a mystery that intrigues and interests you. However, as an overall package the movie succeeds in being just about an average watch.

Right from the opening credits, Vidya Balan tries too hard to convince you she can play the small town, loud mouthed Hyderabadi detective really well. One gets reminded more of her act in Ghanchakkar (the loud – mouthed Punjabi wife) than the Dirty Picture during this time. However, as the movie progresses, the bluster is thankfully replaced by thoughtful reflection and calm dialogue which is so much more up her alley. Ali Fazal though in a much smaller role, makes his presence felt, especially in the comedic scenes

When you are solving mysteries and hot on the heels on a case, you don’t go into the song and dance routine but since this is Bollywood, that is exactly what happens (since it can’t happen in the story, it happens as imagination)  Its not all on the songs – the pacing of the movie itself is equally to blame and despite just a two hour runtime and just 3 songs, you feel a distinct lack of pace. For a debutante director Samar Shaikh does a good job – though there is much that could have been better and you can’t help feeling that if the reins were with someone else, this might well  have been a different product.

The great revelation (of course I won’t reveal all) is a matter of perception – some might consider it a master stroke, I viewed it as an anti-climax and one that dug all kinds of holes into the plot – let’s just leave it at that

The real mystery for me is why some people are calling Bobby Jasoos Vidya’s finest work till date. I wouldn’t call it that – this is clearly one of her lesser accomplishments. For that you should watch Kahaani or Dirty Picture. If you really want to watch this detective at work – my advice to you would be to go with low expectations. Go in search of some fun moments with less focus on the case itself and you might just come back pleasantly surprised

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