Friday, June 6, 2014

Movie Review: Filmistaan…is a film everyone should see!!

Quite recently, 4 noted names in the Bollywood industry came together for what they called a tribute to Indian Cinema with Bombay Talkies. They didn’t even come close. If you want to see the real tribute to Bollywood and its impact, intentional or otherwise, you should see this shiny bright gem by debutante director Nitin Kakkar

A remarkably fresh story line and plot development with very intelligent writing will have you in guffaws one moment and poignantly reflecting in the next. Filmistaan proves that you don’t need big names, a big banner, medley of songs, item numbers or anything of the sort to treat your audience. All you need is a good story and a good manner in which it is told. The rest takes care of itself

While it could have continued in its comfort zone of a Bollywood tribute, which it is pretty much through the first half, Filmistaan chooses to explore deeper themes and melds the craze for Bollywood, cricket and even our understanding of our cross border neighbors and how much/ how little we have in common all into a less than 2 hour package. Not only that the film even manages its own argo-esque adventure in the middle of it all. Not giving away anything further..

While it doesn’t boast any big names, Sharib Hashmi and Innamul Haq provide a solid natural act and their camaraderie creates some of the best moments in the film. Add to the fact that Sharib has also written the dialogues for this movie and further praise can be heaped on him. As for the direction - much of it can pass unnoticed – the song playing in the background when a particular scene is being shown, the dialogue said in a particular situation that only hits deep if you reflect and connect, the choice of movies, dialogues – everything has a reason (reminded me of the intelligent film-making of Peepli Live). Sure it gets a little awry and disjointed towards its more-serious second half – but at a shade less than two hours you’ll hardly realize it

Too many movies these days are self indulgent – reveling in their own supposed glory. Filmistaan has been made with a lot of heart - for its audience and to celebrate cinema itself. You owe it to yourself to pay your respects to cine-maa (as the trailer calls it) – I could scarcely put it better myself. Go watch Filmistaan and see Bollywood masala being given not the expectedly cheap but rather a high quality tadka – Nitin Kakkar seems to be one to watch out for

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